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Supari Cutting machine,Roaster machine, Drier machine, Garlic machine is designed after deliberate thinking with a view to operate it easily and at a very low cost on account of electricity and gas.

Supari, Betel nut, Areca nut cutting machine runs on a SINGLE PHASE using 0.5 HP to 2 HP Electric Motor of Standard Compnay, so there is no fear of our of order exists.

Machine is exclusive packed so when in operation it generate very low Noise and refrains from any injury.

Supari, Betel nut, Areca nut cutting machine operates on Slide hence as per your requirement as cutting comes manually cutting similarity cutting from machine comes with extra finishing. The machine provides multiple options of cutting such as;

:: Granule one Cut
:: Two Cut
:: Round Slice Thick and thin ....
there is no need of purchase different cutting machine but it all comes in one.

What is Multiple Cutting?

01. Rough

02. Mamari Cutting

03. Bharadiyo Cutting

04. Chips Cutting (one Cut)

05. Tinpatti Cutting (Two Cut)

06. Circul Cutting

07. Special Machine for Sali / Sadi Cutting Machine

08. Special Machine for Tukda / Fadcha Cutting Machine